Gedu reveals America thrust Ethiopia to sign a deal with Egypt

(ERF) The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew told AP that America had pressured Ethiopia to sign an agreement before resolving outstanding issues. Ethiopian delegates refused to sign the agreement drafted by the US and demanded additional time for further consideration and consultation of the agreement with different stakeholders in the country.  

In the meantime, the Office of the Treasury Department sent an agreement for signature, but Ethiopia rejected it outrightly arguing that the US didn’t have the power to draft agreements.

Gedu added “an agreement reached under pressure is not in the best interest of anyone party to the talks.”

American officials don’t accept Ethiopia’s accusation, and ask the country to reconsider its decision, however, Ethiopia prefers to conduct the remaining phase of the discussion to be held under the watch of the African Union. Ethiopia says it’s only the parties to the negotiation that can draft an agreement, not a third party.

Ethiopia revealed it would table an alternative agreement for consideration soon.

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